6477226164 USA Unknown Phone Number State 647-722-6164, Unknown City, Unknown county


  • 2015-05-17 03:21:38
  • Daniel

The company is that holiday StoreThe first calling this number for a 5 min survey become the vacation habits. Be told that you can win a holiday to take part. A follow up call is an invitation to a free dinner where you are guaranteed win one of 5 holiday packages.  You provide an address 216 Chrislea road Woodbridge Ontario where the function was held. They provide a toll free number they can contact you. I did a quick search on the Internet to find out that his slight basically turn on the old timeshare sales pitch. I quote some of the information I found I went there with my wife it was an eye opener for me these guys no documentation have no business cards view catalogs of Noletterheads no hotel with their logo any site and it won t boot on the Web very reference visit with them or they represent someone they don t give us a solution with information about yourself. All they have is at 216 Chrislea Rd 2nd Floor Woodbridge Ontario. Aroom with multiple tables is all some in their own as well as a representative of the company at the same time for 1 h 30 min to sit down. They offer a very simple buffet although it Soundas something extraordinary Rep it is also with you at the same table eating but because time money is he will speak about your Lunchplate during the saliva from his mouth and Inevitablyspreading some of his food out of his mouth coming into a whole of TableAfter this fiasco every few move into an Office with their rep for amore meeting at this point that they will make start Thescheme is no timeshare companies to explain it but a little bit different buy has an annual fee of american dollars 98 0098 000 points for US american dollars 30 00075 000 points for US american dollars 24 00049 000 points for US american dollars 17 80025 000 points 13 000You use for American dollars the points like this 1 week in a 1 bedroom hotel need 500 points and american dollars 500 001 week in a 2 bedroom hotel you have 1000 points and american dollars 600 001 in one week you will need 3 bedroom hotel points and American dollars 700.00Or2 1500 week in a 1 bedroom hotel you 1000 points + american dollars 1 000.002 week 2 bedrooms you need 2000 points and american dollars 1 200.002 week in a 3 bedroom hotel you need 3000 points and american dollars 1 400.00And so on. You can find this configuration for use as long as you like up to Yourun points. Air tariff eat control etc. are not included and you must obligation themselves. If this sounds like something you are interested in then don t hesitate to go. Oh and lets not forget about your free vacation 8 Sun gift (euro) 3 Kidsin Orlando hotel/motel filled Florida days and 7 magical nights for 2 adults & amp only they gave us a photocopy of a paper we later in the car to read. The largest part of the photocopy was (euro) rules that the hotel could be a motel (euro) you pay 10 dollars to per night extra charge (euro) must to the hotel/motel to pay taxes (euro) which service fees (euro) pay that you have to pay you you need to for extra beds (euro) figures for which elements of personal use SOAP etc. pay toilet paper... the service fees (euro) (Euro) You must have to pay Florida room/land taxes for the meals (euro) numbers


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